Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I make an enquiry, do I have to go ahead?

Absolutely not. The reason we ask you to complete the Treatment Enquiry form is so that we can identify options and provide you with costings. Once you have that information, it is entirely up to you to decide whether you wish to go ahead or not.

Which hospital do you use?

We deal with 450 private hospitals and NHS private patient units throughout the UK. All hospitals are fully accredited and licensed by the Health Commission and many have additional quality accreditations.

Can you arrange just a diagnostic scan?

Yes. We have over 400 sites throughout the UK with MRI scanners as well as CT/PET and SPECT scanners with highly competitive rates, quick appointment dates and fast professional reporting. Whilst many of the scanners are based in hospitals, some are in local clinics to reduce travel times for added convenience.

Can you recommend a specialist for me?

We have access to over 20,000 qualified consultants in all major specialities. All consultants are GMC registered and accredited by the hospital within which they work. We do not recommend specific consultants but will provide options for you to consider. Similarly other medical professions such as physiotherapists have to be properly registered with their professional body prior to us engaging their services.

Can I be treated abroad?

Yes, if you request it, we will provide alternative quotations in the location of your choice. Normally we find most people prefer to be treated in the UK.

Do I need a Doctor's referral letter?

Some minor investigations and treatments can be arranged without a doctor's letter but for most tests and all hospital treatment, you will need referral from your GP or another specialist. We strongly advise that you keep your GP fully informed.

When do I have to pay for treatment?

In line with the policy of all private hospitals you will be requested to pay for any treatment in advance. All payments are paid directly to Medical Care Direct Ltd and if payment is made by bank transfer or cheque the funds must be cleared prior to admission.

Will I have to deal with any paperwork?

You will be expected to register at the hospital whether you are an In Patient or Out Patient. In some hospitals you will also be asked to provide credit card details for any costs incurred that are not part of your treatment e.g. Newspapers, wine, additional food for guests etc

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